A la mar hats are handmade in Colombia from 100% toquilla straw. We work directly with families
of artisans; who have passed this unique hand weaving technique from generation to generation,
in the process of developing our custom designs to offer our clients products that are unique and socially responsable. 

Toquilla straw is a flexible yet strong natural material that should be handle with care. Do not get your hat wet, if this happens, towel dry - do not use a hair dryer. If the brim of your hat looses its form, iron at low temperature using a cotton cloth between the hat and the iron. The best way to
travel with your hat is to carry it in your A la mar canvas tote. We don’t recommend packing
your hat in your suitcase.

Measure your head by taking a measuring tape and wrapping it around the widest part of your head. The tape should fall right above the ridge of your eyebrows and above your ears. Match your measurements with the ones on the Size Chart to find out your hat size.

Small / 56 cm

Medium / 58 cm

Large / 60 cm